Happy Father's Day to all the Super Dad's

Different faces of a Father

Running Time: 2:15 07/02/2020

Who is a dad? A man child - Visual: dad giving elephant ride to kids Mr. Fixit! - Visual: Dad fixing light in daughters study room The funniest comedian even with the worst jokes - Visual: Teenage kids laughing at awful joke that dad made The family police - Visual: Dad crossing his arms when he catches daughter coming home late The homework genius - Visual: Dad teaching little kids math using toys and visual aids Our financial guru - Visual: Dad helping adult daughter file her taxes Our financial blanket - Visual: Daughter receiving money as soon as she gets off the call with her Dad Our saviour - Teenage kids screaming and hiding behind Dad, who is trying to kill a spider/rodent in the room A rock to come home and cry to - Dad hugging daughter when she starts crying A best friend - Dad and son watching cricket and high fiving each other buddy, teacher, partner and our spiritual advisor He is our knight in shining armour. He is the superhero we were lucky enough to be born with Is there a role that father's can't do?
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