Afresh - Tulsi

Herbalife Nutrition

Running Time: 1:08 02/07/2020

Afresh energy drink mix contains Orange Pekoe extract, green tea extract and natural caffeine powder. Caffeine helps you feel energized, supports alertness. Enjoy as a refreshing beverage at any time of the day. Key Benefits: Natural sources of caffeine for an uplifting treat. Caffeine -Provides a gentle boost, Helps you feel energized, Supports mental alertness and concentration, reaction time Contains 40 mg of caffeine per serving. Provides lessthan 4Kcal per serve. Convenient, on-the-go powder form. Usage: Mix 1g of Afresh with 160ml hot or cold water for a refreshing drink. Replace your Tea/Coffee with Afresh. Not to consume more than three servings per day. Consume not more than 500ml per day.
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